Adam Danes
Sophomore at Bella Nova University.

Goodnight And Goodbye
Jonas Brothers - Jonas Brothers


Well girl, I’m sorry for disappointing you
But I’m done
With being up and down and pushed around
No more

text | adam
Lauren: it'd be cool if we could get an actual bed one of these days but yeah sure
Lauren: idk. claire's not talking to me, i keep hearing shit from people but you know how rumors are
Adam: maybe one of these days when people figure out our secret
Adam: oh? have you asked her why? i mean, the only person who should know is brooke. unless you told someone else…again.
text | adam
Lauren: i'm so stressed out i'm literally going to punch someone
Lauren: meet up after i do the show tonight? your room?
Adam: stressed about what??
Adam: my room? eh…how about a study room in the Student centeR?



Yeah, and if you’re gonna go after every thing I like you should try out for the basketball team. It’d be funny to see you fail.

I don’t do sports. I play at them in pep band.



Excuse me?

Yeah, and if you’re gonna go after every thing I like you should try out for the basketball team. It’d be funny to see you fail.


I need something to do.



Cracked black pepper and olive oil crackers with laughing cow cheese is the best snack in the world.

Laughing cow cheese? That sounds a little…disturbing.


Probably. But I’d be really chill about it, and focus on other film adaptations, like maybe a John Green book adaptation or something. Who knows, right? Competitions? Just an FYI, I’m really competitive. Are you sure you’re willing to accept defeat?

Oh, you’d be one of those actors? Er-actresses. John Green movies are always so cheesy. I wouldn’t know what defeat feels like, I’ve never lost.


I could too, you know. I’d only be in three or four scenes as a really vital character, then get cut from the film. Pun intended. That is a great way to look at it! I guess I’m sneaking in the sign.

I bet there’d be a lot of media attention on you, then to not even be in the film. That would suck. There’s not really a pun here. We should hold competitions, you and I. Every now and then we’ll drive up to LA to a movie premiere and who can sneak in something better. If that makes any sense.


Oscar winner, huh? I will feel very, very fancy. I don’t think I’d even need to hide the poster if I’ve got the V.I.P. status!

Of course, if I’m going to be an actor, I should be good at it. I could be in a  spiderman movie if I wanted to, pun intended. True, but the fun is in the risk of getting caught.